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This site has no official connection to, nor affiliation with, the individual agility clubs and organizations. The information on this site is as reliable as other information on the Internet. :-)


The original purpose of this project was as a learning exercise. It uses JavaScript, node.js, mongoDB, HTML5, CSS3, and a smidge of jQuery.

However, I'm hoping that it will prove useful to everybody in the Agility field.

The collection of show data is done pretty informally. Hopefully future versions will work more directly and more "officially" with the club websites.


Though this app has been briefly tested on all five major Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera, mainly under Windows 7), it obviously has not, and can not, be tested on all possible browsers, system, and hardware configurations. Please let me know if you find problems.


No personal data is ever collected by our server. As you may have noted, there is no login.

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The values for your preferred organizations, location, states, and selected shows are saved on your computer by your browser. They are saved in "HTML5 localStorage". If you consider this information sensitive, you should clear it from your browser history. Currently this "localStorage" information cannot be transferred or shared across your computers or mobile devices. Perhaps the browser vendors will change this in future versions. For now, when you switch from your computer to your smart phone, you will have to reenter the information.

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