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How Submit an Upcoming Fun Match or Workshop

The real form is on the bottom right of the "About" page. (Demo form on the right)
  1. Obtain an "author code" by emailing me at This allows me to control and monitor who is using the service.
  2. Select the Type of show: "Fun Match" or "Workshop".
  3. Enter the location in the form City, ST, e.g. "Palo Alto, CA".
  4. Enter the Date in mm/dd/yyyy format. Some browsers have a handy popup calendar gizmo. Sorry, only one-day events are supported for now.
  5. If you have a web page with more information, enter it. Include the full URL including the "http://..." part.
  6. Enter brief but distinctive information about the event, e.g. "HeartDog Fun Match AM Session".
  7. Enter your author code obtained in Step 1.
  8. Double check your information, (it should look something like the picture on the right) and click "Submit".
On success, you will receive back some computerish gibberish, something like: (highlight added)
     "meta": {
       "time": "2014-06-16T18:49:11.534Z",
       "originalUrl": "/ag/submitFW"
     "submit": "successful for show ID= 1406271FCA1boomerfunmatch"
Look at the last line of text (starting with "submit"), and note the "successful" response. Please copy and save the "show ID" information somewhere. In the example above, that is 1406271FCA1boomerfunmatch. It's a unique ID for your show, including the date, state, and a shortened version of the name. You will need it to modify or delete your show.

If there is an error, you will see a cute "Fault" page with two hands up, and an explanation. One common error would be to submit a show with the same date and information. In that case, you will see:

Sorry, we dropped a bar: E11000 duplicate key error index:$_id_ dup key: { : "1406271FCA1boomerfunmatch" }

To fix this, make some minor change in the show information and try again.

Sorry, there is currently no way to edit the information. If you need to edit a show, or it has been cancelled or postponed, your must delete it and re-enter the information. To delete a show, enter it's ID (the one I told you to save!) and your author code in the form below and hit the "Delete" button. (Note: error checking is kind of lame).

Delete a Fun Match or Workshop